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What people are saying about us..

“The Best Umbrella In The World! We just got our umbrella and took it to Belgium with us and ended up in the strongest wind/rain/hail storm I've ever seen. All other umbrellas we have/had would not have withstood it, but our Procella Golf did, it was amazing. Worth every penny!!! Thank you for making a product that does what you proclaim. We love it!!!!!.”

- Marcus Osibov


"Very nice umbrella, whether you use it for golf or not is up to you. This Procella Golf Umbrella is a large, really well-made umbrella with some important features that make it a terrific value. The venting system The venting system is what does the magic when you get strong winds... the wind can escape through the vents rather than causing the umbrella to go inside out on you. It's a really nice umbrella and I expect it to last a good long time. It’s really really a nice quality umbrella, I like it a lot. Just a really high quality umbrella, very impressive!"

- M. Erb


"Extra Beverage For Your Bag. This Procella 62 inch golf umbrella is a great value. My gold standard umbrella is a 68 inch Gustbuster Titleist branded umbrella. The Procella stacks up well in comparison, and is less expensive. Inside the umbrella mesh covers the opening between the two layers - this is super nice because it improves the strength of the fabric. Huge advantage for Procella! (price compared to Gustbuster) The Procella golf umbrella is a great reasonably priced alternative to more expensive umbrellas. And because it is that much lighter than the others, you can get an extra beverage in your bag for the same weight.

- Daniel G. Lebryk


"Sturdy Umbrella This one is really nice. You push the button and it extends up. Nice! It's also very easy to fold back up. I was surprised that an umbrella this large isn't heavier. All in all, this umbrella is very well built and feels very sturdy. I don't expect this one to fall apart like some of my other ones. I've had a better chance to field test this umbrella during a recent storm. This umbrella really held up to the sideways rain and the wind. I was impressed to see how well it held up to the abuse."

- Dave Edmiston