Why People Love Procella Umbrellas!

By far, the sexiest umbrella i have ever seen. Unbelievable quality for the price. I bought the blue and white. It feels solid when opening... So different from anything I've ever used!


This is one of those purchases that you are so glad you made and can't believe you went so long without!! Thank you Procella - job well done!!

Cathy S.

I don’t know how I ever lived my life with a small umbrella when this larger one existed, it has made life with children in the rain so much easier and drier. It is strong and holds up to heavy rains and winds.

Heather Elder

I live in coastal south Texas and the sun is absolutely blazingly brutal, I did collapse the umbrella when moving, while at anchor at the push of a button it easily opens and was a real skin saver and it felt 20 degrees cooler under the wonderful shade. I usually don't write reviews but this product deserves the time and effort.