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Procella 62" Golf Umbrella Reaches 1000 Product Reviews On Amazon


“Great News! The Procella 62” Golf Umbrella now has 1,000 product reviews in Amazon, with 95% of it is rated with 5 or 4 stars. Aside from being Amazon’s Top Rated product, we are very proud to say that this particular umbrella has surpassed expectations and leveled up the standards a Golf umbrella. Having the best combination of both protection and convenience, the Procella 62” Golf Umbrella is definitely not ONLY for Golfers.

 It is overwhelming and surprising to see feedbacks from our customers who just love this Golf umbrella and it is absolutely amazing to see comments like this on a daily basis:

“Really big and sturdy umbrella. Great for taking my dog on walks when it is raining as she does not like to get wet. Also great for watching the kids soccer and baseball games when it is drizzling. I love it!”

 “Great item, as promised. Played 18 holes in the rain and the umbrella was light, easy to open, solid grip in wet weather, very effective at keeping the rain away and handled wind gusts with no problem. Excellent customer service support when you purchase this item.”

 It is both Wind Proof and Water Proof, that’s why Golfers, Parents, Commuters or even someone who is out a lot – Love the Procella 62” Golf Umbrella! It provides a double layer of protection that allows the wind to funnel through the two layers effectively preventing it from turning inside out. It’s almost unbreakable and you have to see and experience it to believe it!”