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Question:  Can the 62" golf umbrella fit in a suitcase?

Answer: Well that depends of course on the size of your suitcase, but normally not. As you can see on one of the images on Amazon (image no 4), the length of the umbrella is 39 inches, and that is usually too long for a suitcase. But please measure your suitcase to find out if it can fit a 39" long umbrella.

An alternative is of our Travel Umbrella that you can find here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SFM21NO, however this umbrella does of course not have the same coverage at the large Golf Umbrella.

Question: The handle of the 62" Golf Umbrella flares outwards at the bottom. Does it fit into a pull cart umbrella holder?

Answer: It's correct that the handle of the 62" Golf Umbrella is a bit wider at the bottom on the handle than the actual grip part of the handle. However this is not a problem and the handle fits in the majority of the golf push/pull cart holders we have tested. 

Question: Is the 62" Golf Umbrella auto open?

Answer: Yes, the 62" Golf Umbrellas, both with and without UV protection are auto open. Our Travel umbrellas are also auto open and also auto close. The 68" golf umbrellas are manually opened and closed.

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