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Great quality umbrella... with lifetime guarantee!

From a recent review posted on Amazon UK, one customer positively gave Procella Golf Umbrella a five star rating. Marshall K. bought a 62 inch red and white golf umbrella in April, read on below to see what he wrote about his purchase; (You’ll be amused with what he thinks should be included in Procella’s guarantee premium.)

“I was after a large, sturdy windproof umbrella to use in both the rain and also to keep the sun off the kids during picnics.

I bought one of these and a Drizzleduck - both are extremely well made and great quality and I find it hard to choose between them in terms of construction, but the Procella has a lifetime guarantee (obtained by registering the umbrella within 30 days) which means it just pips the Drizzleduck on the value for money front (especially since Amazon recently knocked the price down to a penny under 24 quid).

Unfortunately the Procella guarantee doesn't cover theft, and my wife managed to get the umbrella nicked the first time she borrowed it, but I immediately bought a replacement because they really are that good!

Note to Procella: if you could add 'theft' as a condition of your guarantee I don't think I'd EVER even consider buying a different brand of umbrella! ;-)