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New No Pinch Button for the 68” Golf Umbrella


            “This is the biggest golf umbrella I've ever owned -- the only one with a guard to protect the tips                  during storage. Speaking of storage, it comes with a sleeve we can sling over our backs like a                     sword. Pretty cool, eh? My only wish is it be automatic.” This is just one of the exciting reviews that             the Procella 68” Golf Umbrella has received since its launch several months back.

              Taking our customers’ suggestions to mind, we have further improved the 68” Golf Umbrella’s                 design. The previous version could sometimes be a bit difficult to open and close. This has now                   been solved by replacing the previous mechanism with a new, button operated mechanism. This                 makes the umbrella much easier to open and close without any risk of pinching the fingers.

Pressing its New Easy Open Button instantly releases its large 68 inch double vented canopy. With this large arch span, it is every golfer’s perfect umbrella.  It is large enough to comfortably protect 3 persons on the golf course and/or the golfer and his golf bag.

Procella’s umbrellas have been a proven hit with consumers. The Procella brand is a Number One Bestseller on Amazon. Our customers express enthusiasm for the rugged, high-quality construction of the Procella line. Procella umbrellas do not break even in strong wind. We credit this capability to our unique approach to wind resistant design, diligent focus on manufacturing and the use of high-quality materials.


The Procella 68” Golf Umbrella is available on and our Shopify Store.