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Procella Umbrella Introduces Grey Color Travel Umbrella

Today, the company announced that it is introducing a new Grey Travel Umbrella. The Grey Travel Umbrella is envisioned as being of particular interest to women who commute, travel, run errands in the rain and more. It is compact and lightweight enough for children to hold. But, it is durable and well-constructed, with complete rain and UV protection.

“People who enjoy this new umbrella might be wishing for more rain,” said a spokesperson for Procella Umbrellas. “It may sound crazy, but with the right kind of umbrella, rain is romantic and fun. This new Grey Travel Umbrella will keep a person dry. But, also, it’s small and portable. One can keep it conveniently in a car, purse or backpack. It’s no trouble to always have it on hand for any unexpected rain showers that may come along. It’s small but still very strong and much more durable and usable than comparably small umbrellas that invariably flip inside out and get destroyed in the smallest winds.”

The Procella Grey Travel Umbrella opens to a canopy that is 37 inches wide, with an arc of 42 inches. It features premium windproof construction and an efficient open and close button. When open, the umbrella is 22 inches high. It closes to a size of just 10.8 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches with a weight of 0.86 pounds (1.1 pounds shipping weight).

The umbrella is suitable for outdoor activities like golf or picnicking, waiting for the train or bus and running to the store in the rain as well as vacationing. “This could make a great ‘bon voyage’ gift,” the spokesperson added. Procella also suggests that people get the umbrella to help avoid getting sick during rainy times of year. “One is exposed to a lot of germ during a commute,” the spokesperson noted. “Why make things worse by getting on the bus or train soaking wet?”

The Grey Travel Umbrella features Procella’s legendary wind resistant construction. The travel umbrella is made with the same processes as the company’s 62” golf umbrellas, which are wind-tunnel tested at up to 46 miles per hour. As a result of their quality and value, Procella umbrellas have been a proven hit with consumers. Strong sales and positive reviews have pushed the brand to Number One Bestselling status on Amazon. Owners are enthusiastic about their rugged, high-quality construction.

The Procella Grey Travel Umbrella is available on and here at the Shopify Store.