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Procella Umbrella Dominates Google with Top Spots for “Top Rated Golf Umbrellas” and “Best Golf Umbrellas”

Procella Umbrella dominates Google search results for the terms “top rated golf umbrellas” and “best golf umbrellas.” Not only is the company’s website, on Google Page 1 search results, it also occupies places in multiple Google Page 1 “best” of listings. 

Las Vegas –– Procella Umbrella, the company famous for high-quality, wind-resistant umbrellas, shared today that it is now dominating Google search results for the phrases “top rated golf umbrellas” and “best golf umbrellas.” The company’s website,, is itself on Google’s Page 1 for both phrases. In addition, the company appears in several “best of” reviews that also place on Google Page 1.

“It is a thrill to see the innate quality of our product translate into this kind of positive, organic search result,” said a spokesperson for Procella Umbrellas. “As recognition of Procella as the ‘must-have’ golfing umbrella spreads across the golfing world, we are getting the Internet links required to place us at the top of the search engine findings.”

For both search phrases, Procella appears in the prime “search box” results shortcut. The product also has its own search listing as well as on four “Best of” articles. These include Hix Magazine’s “The Top 7 Best Golf Umbrellas (windproof models),”’s “What is the Best Golf Umbrella?” and’s “8 of the best golf umbrellas – I have number 7 and it is awesome….” 

The review in is typical for Procella. It states, “Give the people what they want!  The Procella umbrella does just that and is no wonder why it is the number one rated golf umbrella on This monster 62″ umbrella has every feature you would ever want in an umbrella — double canopy mesh venting system that is able to resist strong winds, one hand opening system, ergonomic slip-resistant handle, and a rust-proof and lightning resistant shaft.  The umbrella is constructed of carbon fiber, and weighs a measly 1.7 pounds (approximately 0.5 kg).”

Procella Umbrella is widely praised for manufacturing umbrellas that resist even very high winds. Their umbrellas have proven to be a hit with consumers. In addition to holding top placement on Google, the Procella brand enjoys Number One Bestselling status on Amazon. 

Owners of Procella umbrellas are enthusiastic about their rugged, high-quality construction. Their Golf Umbrellas feature a strong fiberglass shaft/rib design and double vented canopy. They have been tested in a skydiver wind tunnel at 46mph. The company credits this capability to its unique approach to wind resistant design, diligent focus on manufacturing and its use of the best materials. Procella Umbrellas have a unique inner flap design that forms an airfoil to mitigate the impact of strong winds on the structure of the umbrella.