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Procella Umbrella Launches Store on eBay 

Las Vegas –– Procella Umbrella, known for making some of the most popular, highly-praised umbrellas on the Internet, today announced the launch of its new store on eBay. On eBay, Procella offers special deals and free shipping on their Golf Umbrellas, Classic Stick Umbrellas, Travel Umbrellas, and Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas in the United States.

“It is in line with the company’s ongoing efforts to make shopping with Procella Umbrella convenient for as many customers as possible. The company is excited to be embarking on this adventure in eBay commerce,” said a spokesperson for Procella Umbrellas. “As the company has listened to its customers, it realized that some people prefer to look for accessories like umbrellas on eBay. It’s a natural complement to Procella Umbrella’s presence on and Shopify.” 

The store, found at, offers the full lineup of Procella products. Shoppers can find the Premium Inverted Upward Folding Double Layer Umbrella in multiple colors, the company’s famous 62 Inch Golf Umbrellas and other distinctive, well-made umbrellas. All items are offered on a “Buy It Now” basis, many with free shipping in the United States. Other offerings on the eBay store include the 52 Inch Folding Golf umbrella with auto open and UV protection; The 48 Inch Classic Walking Stick with a curved handle or doorman’s handle; The 42 Inch Compact Travel auto open, double-vented canopy; and, the Procella 68 Inch Golf umbrella double-vented canopy umbrella. 

Procella Umbrella is renowned for making high-quality umbrellas that have proven durable and resistant to even very strong winds. They have been a hit with consumers, who have pushed the brand to Number One Bestselling status on Amazon. In reviews, customers express enthusiasm about the rugged, high-quality construction of their Procella Umbrellas. 

The company is being rewarded in the marketplace for its unique approach to wind resistant design, a diligent focus on manufacturing and its use of high-quality materials. For instance, many of their umbrellas feature a unique inner flap design that forms an airfoil to mitigate the impact of strong winds on the structure of the umbrella.  Their Golf Umbrella features a strong fiberglass shaft/rib design and double vented canopy. It has been tested by skydivers in one of the world’s fastest and highest wind tunnel at 46mph. 

Procella’s Premium Umbrellas have a “no return, just replacement” policy. If a customer finds that his or her umbrella is broken, they don't have to ship it back to Procella. If they have registered their umbrella to the company’s “Limited Lifetime Guarantee” program, the customer can simply contact Customer Support to initiate the guarantee process.