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Procella’s Golf Umbrella – The Perfect Umbrella | NewsWatch Review

Picture this – you are walking through the pouring rain with your umbrella above you, keeping you nice and dry. A sudden gust of wind blows and flips your umbrella inside out, drenching you in the process. Don’t worry, it’s happened to us before too. While it is something not many people talk about, it can be very hard finding the perfect umbrella. Well, actually, we’re pretty sure we found it. Check out Procella’s Golf Umbrella.

Designed to withstand intense winds, the Procella is the only umbrella in the world that has been tested by skydivers in one of the world’s strongest wind tunnels. If you ask us, that alone is pretty impressive. It provides a double layer of protection that allows the wind to funnel through the two layers effectively preventing it from turning inside out. Now while other umbrellas might employ a similar system, Procella prides themselves in providing stronger canopies than their competitors. And while the material may be stronger, the umbrella is still really lightweight, making it a very easy umbrella to travel with. The oversized canopy allows for up to two people to keep dry underneath it – so no more holding the umbrella like a gentleman so your companion stays dry while you get soaked. The Procella Golf umbrella comes in six different colors: black, navy blue, royal blue and white, black and white, green and white, and red and white.

Are you ready to check out this awesome umbrella? The Golf umbrella is currently selling for $33.95 and is an Amazon top seller. You can check out Procella’s golf umbrella and their classic and travel umbrella by heading to Amazon or their website

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