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Procella Umbrella, a top rated brand on Amazon announces today that its umbrella products have passed the wind tunnel test held in Sweden.

Data gathered from the manufacturer said that the wind tunnel test was conducted at Bodyflight, in Stockholm. Bodyflight is the world’s highest wind tunnel. It is the only indoor skydiving facility in Sweden. It has a custom designed single loop circulating wind tunnel that measures 120 feet high   and has four gigantic wind blowers that packs a wind of up to 2,500 horsepower. At full speed this wind tunnel reaches over 186 miles per hour. Bodyflight is used exclusively for skydive training and skydiving competitions.

Procella’s management team said that the wind tunnel test is the first of its kind for umbrellas. They added that, some brands have conducted their tests with the umbrella tied to a moving vehicle. Procella believes in giving customers the best experience with the brand, hence the reason for conducting the wind tunnel test to challenge the umbrella’s durability.   With the assistance of professional skydivers various Procella Umbrella products were placed to the ultimate test. Skydivers at the wind tunnel took turns in testing the umbrellas. They tested the umbrellas’ strength by placing each umbrella against the wind blowers inside the tunnel and at the same time doing low jumps while  holding the umbrella over their head to slow down their descent.

The golf umbrella, one of Procella’s premium umbrella products was subjected to varying wind speeds starting from 20 miles per hour. This was gradually accelerated to 46 miles per hour, the maximum speed limit allowed at the wind tunnel for such test, although it was prepared to go beyond that limit. Procella Golf Umbrella was able to live up to its claim as “unbreakable”. As one of the skydivers held on to it, the 62” golf umbrella did not fold up or flipped over at the wind tunnel.

A video of the actual tunnel test, is posted on Youtube to show Procella Umbrella as being “windproof”. The YouTube video (   shows how  the unique double canopy mesh vent system of the golf umbrella works against strong wind gusts and how it lets air slip in and out to prevent the umbrella from blowing out. The Procella Golf Umbrella has been out in the US market for over two years now and is very appreciated by the customers.

Procella Umbrella’s products are known for their quality, functionality and style. A consistent top seller, Procella Umbrella is available via Amazon US, and most recently it has opened its market in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Procella Umbrella offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to customers. Furthermore, the manufacturers added that it is hassle free. Customers with broken umbrellas would just need to send images and they would be immediately sent a replacement. For more information, you may contact .