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The fancy costumes and accessories add to the oomph factor of your personality. You play a fair deal when it comes to accessorize yourself by making sure that your bling always looks the best! When you style up yourself so prettily then do you want the weather to spoil everything? Certainly not! So why not accessorize with something ordinary in an unordinary manner! This post will throw some light upon interesting facts and features of classic wood crook umbrella and how this is apt to fit in your daily routine!

  1. Saves from getting wet or tanned: The umbrella doesn’t only save you from rain but it also acts as a protector from the harmful rays of sun. So you can carry it daily with you and this will minimise your dependency on weather as many times you postpone or delay some plans due to heavy rain or bright sun. Make yourself independent of weather and step out confidently as you have your protector on!
  2. Can be used as walking stick:the classic umbrella wooden handle of this umbrella grips so perfectly in your hand that if you want to enjoy the weather and not having any carrying bag then you can use this as a walking stick for aesthetic purpose. Walk down the street with this walking stick and nothing can beat your fashion statement!
  3. Unisex and easy to carry: If your female office colleague has to go somewhere out for lunch and she needs umbrella, you can’t afford to lose this chance to impress her! At such times this unisex umbrella will give you a golden chance to interact with her and offer this to her. She won’t feel that she is carrying something manly as this classis wood handle umbrella is used by girls too! It weighs only 0.9 pounds and thus can become your all time partner.
  4. Sports equipment: You have planned an outing to play golf and you are waiting for your turn and you don’t have a spare golf club to practice. You got the clue as to what I will be writing next! You are right! Use the closed umbrella to practice putting the golf ball in the dig around and then go to the field with full confidence and experience.
  5. Self-defence tool: as a girl you keep a pepper spray in your bag but pulling out the spray from the bag may take a minute. The umbrella in your hand is your first defence! This contemporary yet traditional wooden handle umbrella will be perfect for every use.

If you are an outdoor lover and you have a habit of staying prepared at all the times then this umbrella is for you! Its fabric, glass ribs and everything make it durable and ever-lasting. You can strike a cool pose with umbrella or use it for protection on beach, open grounds, race course etc. So this means that to enjoy your umbrella you don’t have to wait for the rainy or sunny day as this is an all-weather accessory for you!

The New Classic: Procella Umbrella Introduces New Umbrella

Press Release, Las Vegas June 18, 2015

Procella Umbrella continuous its business expansion and product development with the launch of a new straight Classic Wooden Stick Umbrella.

Procella Umbrella is delighted to introduce its newest product. The company CEO raves, “As part of our continuous product development and business expansion, we are proud to announce the launch of a new classic straight umbrella in our product line. The new product meets the demand for a classic, stylish umbrella from both new and existing customers.” Procella Umbrella’s products are known for their quality, functionality and style, and this new straight umbrella embodies all of those qualities as well.

The new Classic Umbrella features a long wooden handle with a J-shaped curve at the end. The curve makes for easy toting whether open or closed. It could be hooked over the arm or carried like a walking stick on sunny days. On rainy days, the sturdy structure keeps the Classic Umbrella from being pulled askance or inside out by wind.

Straight umbrellas provide a sense of security that is not imparted by collapsible metal ones. Though Procella Umbrella is proud of the success of its more utilitarian products, the brand recognizes the need to reach stylish men and women who view each accessory as an essential part of an outfit. Some people are content to reach for whatever is handy during bad weather, and obviously Procella Umbrella caters to these customers as well. However, with this new wooden stick umbrella, Procella Umbrella has decided to explore more fashion-oriented waters without leaving its values behind.

This straight umbrella is not the sort of item that can be tossed in the back of a car or left casually near the front door. It is a prestige item that warrants proper care. It could be hung from a coat rack by the curved handle, or it could be placed in a vintage-style black umbrella rack. This is the sort of heritage piece that owners are proud to display in their homes. It is a functional item that eventually becomes an integral part of the home decor. People who are interested in fashion are accustomed to thinking about the integration of their personal styles and their living spaces, and this is exactly the sort of customer that Procella Umbrella intends to attract with this wooden stick umbrella.

Umbrellas are known for being flimsy. People buy them with the understanding that they will probably have to be replaced eventually. Someone who is reluctant to purchase a gorgeous black umbrella with a wooden handle for fear that it might not last need not worry. Procella Umbrella wants customers to have confidence in its product line. This new item is meant to become a classic stand-by piece for everyone who owns it. It is bound to become such a consistent component of each owner’s fashion arsenal that he or she will come to reach for it without a second thought.

Procella Umbrella’s golf and travel umbrellas serve their purposes well. The golf style is wide and sleek, designed to protect players and equipment on playing greens with little foliage for cover. The travel style is prized for its convenience and ability to collapse into a small, compact bullet. The wooden stick umbrella is yet another innovation for Procella Umbrella, this time aimed at men and women who like every facet of their lives to be imbued with a bit of class and style.