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Procella Umbrella Takes First Place in                                                                          12 Best Umbrellas for Wind in 2017, the site that evaluates and selects the best products in multiple categories, has named Procella Umbrella the #1 choice for its annual list of Best Umbrellas for Wind. subjects products to rigorous, expert inspection before announcing its best selections in a variety of consumer categories. This site is known for doing its homework and digging into product quality to determine its highest recommendations.

On the 6th of May 2017, announced on their site that Procella Umbrella has been selected as the number one choice for umbrellas that provide wind resistance. Procella’s popular 62” Golf Umbrella topped the site’s 12 Best Umbrellas for Wind in 2017 list.

According to, Procella’s golf umbrella does a great job at mitigating the impact of wind and rain from disturbing a golf game. They said, “This is a large umbrella that shelters you from sun, rain, and wind.” The site also acknowledged that although Procella designed its umbrella for golfers, it is a good acquisition for a range of outdoor sports activities. added, “This umbrella is truly wind resistant. It is constructed to last heavy winds and rains….On that note, we wanted to check if that is truly accurate. We were surprised with how well it behaves in windy conditions.”


Procella Umbrella is indeed famous for making high-quality windproof umbrellas. Procella’s umbrellas have been a proven hit with consumers, on the look-out for large rain umbrellas and have pushed the brand to Number One Bestselling status on Amazon. Owners are enthusiastic about the rugged, high-quality construction of Procella which they find as great a outdoor umbrella as well. Its Golf Umbrella is auto-open and features a strong fiberglass shaft/rib design and double vented canopy. It has been tested in a skydiver wind tunnel at 46mph.


The 62” Golf Umbrella is available in grey, black and navy blue as well as color combinations of green and white, red and white, black and white and blue and white. It has the following dimensions: Canopy – 62 inches; Length – 39 inches; Width – 52 inches. It weighs 1.7 lbs.


Procella Umbrellas has a “no return, just replacement” policy. If a customer finds that his or her umbrella is broken, they don't have to ship it back to Procella. If they have registered their umbrella to the company’s “Limited Lifetime Guarantee” program, the customer can simply contact Customer Support to initiate the guarantee process.


The 62” Grey Umbrella is available on and here at the Shopify Store.