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January 17, 2018

Procella Trademark Approved and Registered in USA and EU

The Patent and Trademark Offices in the USA and the European Union have isues Certificate of Registration for the mark Procella to the brand owners of Procella. The main products are the famous and very much appreciated range of Golf Umbrellas and other types of umbrellas. 

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December 21,2017

Procella Earns Multiple Amazon Choices for its Popular Umbrellas

62” Golf Umbrella is named Amazon’s Choice for “Best golf umbrella” in the US and Germany and “Large windproof umbrella in the UK; 48” Classic Umbrella named Amazon Choice for “Men’s umbrella wooden handle”

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August 24,2017

New Red Colored 62" Golf Umbrella

Procella Umbrella, maker of high-quality, popular umbrellas that are resistant even to strong winds, announced that they are introducing a new red colored edition of its popular 62” Golf Umbrella. Now available in red, the Golf Umbrella features a strong fiberglass shaft/rib design and double vented canopy. It has been tested in a skydiver wind tunnel at 46mph.

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June 30,2017

Procella Umbrella Appoints Marie Holm as Logistics and Finance Manager

Procella Umbrella, which makes popular umbrellas for golf and travel, has appointed Marie Holm as the company’s new Logistics and Finance Manager. The move is representative of the fast pace of growth at Procella, driven by accelerating sales of its expanding line of umbrellas.

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June 27,2017

Procella Umbrella Announces Worldwide Shipping Via eBay

Las Vegas –– Procella Umbrella, maker of some of the most popular umbrellas on the Internet, announced today that it is now offering international shipping through its eBay store. Procella can now ship umbrellas virtually anywhere on the globe. The eBay store offers the full Procella line of Golf Umbrellas, Classic Stick Umbrellas, Travel Umbrellas, and Inverted Umbrellas.

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June 20,2017

Procella Umbrella Launches Store on eBay

Las Vegas –– Procella Umbrella, known for making some of the most popular, highly-praised umbrellas on the Internet, today announced the launch of its new store on eBay. On eBay, Procella offers special deals and free shipping on their Golf Umbrellas, Classic Stick Umbrellas, Travel Umbrellas, and Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas in the United States.

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June 20,2017

Procella Umbrella Dominates Google with Top Spots for "Top Rated Golf Umbrellas" and "Best Golf Umbrellas"

Procella Umbrella dominates Google search results for the terms “top rated golf umbrellas” and “best golf umbrellas.” Not only is the company’s website, procellaumbrella.com on Google Page 1 search results, it also occupies places in multiple Google Page 1 “best” of listings.

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June 8,2017

Hear What Our Customers Say…

On June 2, 2017, one customer from New Jersey, William Lee has this to say:

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June 8,2017

Procella Umbrella Introduces Grey Color Travel Umbrella

Today, the company announced that it is introducing a new Grey Travel Umbrella. The Grey Travel Umbrella is envisioned as being of particular interest to women who commute, travel, run errands in the rain and more. It is compact and lightweight enough for children to hold. But, it is durable and well-constructed, with complete rain and UV protection.

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May 19,2017

New No Pinch Button for the 68” Golf Umbrella

“This is the biggest golf umbrella I've ever owned -- the only one with a guard to protect the tips during storage. Speaking of storage, it comes with a sleeve we can sling over our backs like a sword. Pretty cool, eh? My only wish is it be automatic.” This is just one of the exciting reviews that the Procella 68” Golf Umbrella has received since its launch several months back.

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May 18,2017

Introducing The Ultra-Durable 52" Folding Golf Umbrella

It's all about keeping you dry in the worst weather. Every day, the challenge is to create the best large umbrellas, the best outdoor umbrellas which can be super durable even in high wind conditions. That’s Procella's mission.”

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 May 18,2017

Procella Umbrella Debuts Grey Coloured 62" Golf Umbrella

We are excited to announce that we are introducing a new grey colored version of our popular 62” Golf Umbrella. The grey color choice is the latest in the series of 62” auto-open umbrellas which feature a strong fiberglass shaft/rib design along with a double-vented canopy. Considered nearly unbreakable and windproof, it has been tested in an aerospace wind tunnel by skydivers at wind speeds of up to 46 miles per hour.

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 May 12,2017

Procella Umbrella Takes First Place in TestFacts.com                                                                           12 Best Umbrellas for Wind in 2017

TestFacts.com, the site that evaluates and selects the best products in multiple categories, has named Procella Umbrella the #1 choice for its annual list of Best Umbrellas for Wind. TestFacts.com subjects products to rigorous, expert inspection before announcing its best selections in a variety of consumer categories. This site is known for doing its homework and digging into product quality to determine its highest recommendations.

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Great quality umbrella... with lifetime guarantee!

 From a recent review posted on Amazon UK, one customer positively gave Procella Golf Umbrella a five star rating.

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Procella 62" Golf Umbrella Reaches 1000 Product Reviews On Amazon

 “Great News! The Procella 62” Golf Umbrella now has 1,000 product reviews in Amazon, with 95% of it is rated with 5 or 4 stars.

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Procella Golf Umbrella Passes Wind Tunnel Test

Procella Umbrella, a top rated brand on Amazon announces today that its umbrella products have passed the wind tunnel test held in Sweden. 

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July 11, 2016

Procella Umbrella Participates In Amazon Prime Day

Procella Umbrella, the top rating umbrella brand on Amazon is featured on Prime Day – Amazon’s biggest sales event on July 12. Prime members can get additional 20% discount on top of current sale prices for all Procella Umbrella products available on Amazon.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – July 11, 2016 /PressCable/

On July 12, Amazon will kick off its second annual sales event – Prime Day! This is basically a Cyber-Monday-in-July that promises extra savings over and above the company’s usual discount prices.

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 July 10, 2016

Procella’s Golf Umbrella – The Perfect Umbrella | NewsWatch Review

Picture this – you are walking through the pouring rain with your umbrella above you, keeping you nice and dry. A sudden gust of wind blows and flips your umbrella inside out, drenching you in the process. Don’t worry, it’s happened to us before too. While it is something not many people talk about, it can be very hard finding the perfect umbrella. Well, actually, we’re pretty sure we found it. Check out Procella’s Golf Umbrella.

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 June 28, 2016

Procella Umbrella Ships To 26 More Countries Including Europes Best

Procella Umbrella, one of the top-selling brands for the product in Amazon, has announced that the company will expand its customer horizons to 26 countries. Residents of these countries may now order through Amazon.uk.co, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.es or Amazon.it.

Las Vegas, USA – June 28, 2016 /PressCable/

Stefan Holm, Founder and CEO of Procella Umbrella, enthusiastically announces the brand’s expansion in 26 countries. Mr. Holm introduced this news as part of making Procella Umbrella a renowned global brand, expand its customer range, and afford these customers with better access through Amazon.uk.co.

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June 21, 2016

Ferli Dela Cruz New Brand Manager for Procella Umbrella

Procella Umbrella has announced its appointment of Ferli Dela Cruz as its new Brand Manager. The appointment is part of the company's expansion plans to broaden and strengthen it's umbrella brand lines, and the expansion to sell their products in 26 European countries this year.

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May 29, 2016

Procella Golf Umbrella Charity Event New Sponsorship Deal Announced

Procella Umbrella, has announced that it will sponsor the Annual Lots of Love for Landon Charity Golf Outing to help raise money for the Cystinosis Research Foundation. It will donate an umbrella, offer discount vouchers, and offer $5 per sale.

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May 25, 2016

Procella Umbrella Announces Lightning Deals on Amazon Italy

LAS VEGAS - May 25, 2016 - Procella Umbrella has announced today that Amazon Italy has approved of its Lightning Deal Offers. For this month end offer, Procella golf umbrellas shall be the featured product. 

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March 2016

Procella Umbrella Start Sales in Europe

As part of our expansion plans we have now started sales of our products in Europe. First out is United Kingdom where you can order the umbrellas on Amazon.uk.co. Next country will be Germany and shortly after that France, Spain and Italy. Sales on these markets will be via Amazon’s local market sites in the respective country.

Should you have any questions you are always welcome to get in touch with us. 


Exciting Destinations for Backpackers

Can you travel with just a backpack? Forget about your huge luggage! Below, we will provide you with recommendations on some of the places where you can travel light and enjoy backpacking. Forget about your snow boots or bulky sweaters. Small tote umbrellas would suffice as they can be easily placed inside your backpack. With compact travel umbrellas, you will always be ready for the sun and the rain!

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